Jewellery Care


・For small damages and breakages through force, such as broken clasps or jump rings, we recommend bringing your jewellery to a local jewellery for repair.
For any faults or issues, please contact us directly at

To keep your ISLE Jewellery in perfect condition, please consider the following:
The material used for this product is very delicate, please take care to avoid dropping or marking the piece. After use, wipe gently with a soft cloth. We recommend keeping your ISLE product in a small airtight plastic bag to avoid scratching the surface. Remove your jewellery when doing sports, cooking and bathing, etc.

Pearls are especially delicate. To help maintain their lustre, only put your pearl jewellery on after applying makeup or perfume to reduce discolouration. As pearls are soft gems, remember to remove your pearl jewellery before doing any sport or manual work to minimise chances of knocking or scratching them as this will quickly damage the surface. To clean pearls, gently wipe with a soft cloth and avoid any harsh chemicals and abrasives

・ The jump rings in chains catches may be left unsoldered for safety reasons and for the purpose of replacing parts. Excessive force may cause these jump rings to open. If customers prefer, this link can be laser soldered permanently closed for a small fee. Regular cleaning and replacement of the chain is recommended as silver is prone to becoming brittle over time  and breaking under pressure. 

・ To retain the natural colour and texture of the material, ISLE solid sterling silver and gold products are not coated. Silver naturally tarnishes and turns black when exposed to conditions such as salt air, dust, sweat and moisture. After use, please wipe and store wrapped in a cloth or a small sealable plastic bag to minimise exposure to air and tarnishing. If your silver jewellery becomes dull or blackened, you can simply wipe it with a silver polishing cloth to remove the tarnish. In extreme cases of tarnishing, using ‘silver dip’ will restore the colour and shine. Remember to rinse and dry thoroughly after using the dip. *Do not use with pearl jewellery.

・ Please be aware of unexpected potential harm during physical exercise and other activities. Please be especially careful with your ISLE product with infants and when sleeping. Stop using immediately and contact a doctor or skin specialist if irritation occurs. Do not wear your jewellery in very cold or hot places (such as saunas or ski resorts) as over-heating or cooling may damage the skin

Gold Plated Jewellery: avoid chemical products such as hairspray, perfume, etc. while wearing plated jewellery. Avoid bumping & scratching the surface. Gently clean with warm water and a soft cotton cloth, though only when necessary.

*Please retain your (digital) receipt as proof of purchase.