Travel Notes in Japan with Maven by geraldine kane

I recently wrote about a short trip to a small city in the Japanese Alps for the online journal of our beautiful Belfast stockist, Maven.
Click through to Maven to read more about life and design outside of Tokyo. 🏯

Matsumoto castle, Japan

Matsumoto castle, Japan


See you in a bit,

Spring Wedding Outfits by geraldine kane

Wedding season is starting with a bang for us. We have two weddings next month, one in England and one in Italy and they are just one week apart.

So, I sense some panic shopping on the horizon. My usual first stop is Zara but there's a good chance you'll be accidentally twinning with another guest at the wedding.

I'm going through my Style board on Pinterest and have picked out a few outfits I like. I guess I'm looking for something with a midi length and a cinched-in waist, a feminine silhouette but really soft and comfortable for swanning around in Tuscany :D

If you see anything out there, let me know!



Spring 2017 by geraldine kane

A walk along Kanda river in the university town of Waseda, Tokyo...

You can see 早稲田さくらまつり written on the paper lanterns, meaning Waseda cherry blossom festival. It was a sunny breezy day and the trees and lanterns kept swaying in the wind, making it difficult to get a focused shot. The results, however, manage to capture the hazy, dreamy atmosphere of the cherry blossom clouds. 

🌸 G


big buddha day trip by geraldine kane

Recently, ISLE's lovely mum and dad visited Tokyo for a couple of weeks. After plenty of pottering around town soaking up the buzz, we decided to get out of the city and head to Kamakura, a beautiful coastal town about an hour from Tokyo. Apart from lots of stylish little shops and cafes, Kamakura's biggest attraction is the Big Buddha! It stands (sits) serenely at almost 44ft tall, overlooking the teeming tourists posing for photographs.

We were lucky to have a beautifully crisp sunny day for our trip- perfect light for taking photos and annoying the others by constantly stopping to photograph something else :)

Hot off the press custard-filled Buddhas 

Hot off the press custard-filled Buddhas 



After all the sightseeing, photographing, eating and drinking, we watched the sun set from Kamakura beach. As the light faded, we began our journey back to city-life and turned our attention to the important issue of Saturday night food and drinks with friends.

Not a bad little trip out of town, eh?


A Taste of Thailand by geraldine kane

I was lucky enough to go to Thailand recently for a bit of sun, sand and scuba diving.  We flew to Ko Samui then, after deciding to skip the Full Moon party (!), took a ferry straight to Ko Tao -a lovely peaceful island where it's not unusual to see chickens crossing the road. There, I managed to overcome my fear of diving, realised Thai food in Thailand is even more amazing than I thought, and fulfilled a lifelong ambition to drink a cocktail out of a real coconut. Not bad for a short break!

Here are a few snaps to give you an idea of what we saw...