How To Stay Cool This Summer by geraldine kane

As much as I love a hot summer's day, I find it really hard to stay cool while maintaining a convincing air of put-togetherness. Spaghetti-string vests and flip flops are fine for the beach or the park, but don't really work for going about your business in real life. Whether you're just on your way to work or off on a chic city break, you are going to need some strategies.

As a veteran of hot and humid summers in Tokyo, here are my recommendations...
・Light, breathable fabrics mean that you can cover up without suffering (polyester is not your friend).
・Cap or cropped sleeves keep the sophistication level high while allowing you to bare your legs and/or go for a low neckline. 
・If you are baring your skin make sure you have some serious sunscreen on, it's just not worth it.
・Invest in good quality sandals that are not going to disintegrate after a couple of sweaty wears
・Accessorise with simple pieces that aren't going to weigh you down. Wicker allows you to carry a substantial bag without it looking too heavy.
・I use this natural insect spray to deter mosquitoes. Best to avoid inhaling chemicals such as DEET which is often found in insect repellent.
・Have a light wrap at the ready for over-air conditioned shops and for cooler evenings.

Have a look at our Style board on Pinterest for more ideas 

Stay cool & enjoy!



Spring Wedding Outfits by geraldine kane

Wedding season is starting with a bang for us. We have two weddings next month, one in England and one in Italy and they are just one week apart.

So, I sense some panic shopping on the horizon. My usual first stop is Zara but there's a good chance you'll be accidentally twinning with another guest at the wedding.

I'm going through my Style board on Pinterest and have picked out a few outfits I like. I guess I'm looking for something with a midi length and a cinched-in waist, a feminine silhouette but really soft and comfortable for swanning around in Tuscany :D

If you see anything out there, let me know!