Keita Maruyama by geraldine kane

Last week a very lovely woman kindly gave me a couple of tickets to see an exhibition of Keita Maruyama's work at Omotesando Hills. Omotesando is a pretty swanky shopping area in Western Tokyo, close to Harajuku, where there's a whole lotta edge and style marching up and down the streets. Here are a few snaps of the area outside of the exhibition to set the scene...

Inside the exhibition, I wasn't really allowed to take many photos but I managed to get a taster of the floral fiesta of Maruyama's designs. The mix of patterns and colours made a fun and energetic show. Although some of the clothes weren't quite to my taste, I really loved the eclectic floral vibes that were especially relevant for me as I develop my own floral collection. There was a lot to take inspiration from but I think I'll draw the line at pompoms on stalks for accessories :) 

Catch ya later,