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Commissioned Diamond Engagement Ring by geraldine kane

A client came to me asking for a ring to propose to his girlfriend with on her birthday. Something simple and beautiful that she could wear and remember the moment he asked the question, but not an engagement ring - he was smart enough to know that she would want input on that :)

He chose a 14ct matt yellow gold version of our Fionn Arc Ring, which she now wears on her right hand. On her left hand she now wears this...

Orla knew from the beginning that she wanted a warm coloured diamond, along the champagne-pinky-peachy-mocha tones. 

Through some further chats and exchanging of inspirational photos, we narrowed down the small minute details that may not be obvious at first, allowing us to create the exact ring of her dreams.

-Warm coloured stone. Peachy-brown more than yellow. Light & soft rather than deep-coloured
-Three stone setting to create a wider ring
-Around 1ct sized centre stone
-White side stones to contrast the coloured centre stone
-Round, soft shapes. Nothing square or hard-edged
-Simple, open settings to allow as much light in as possible
-V-shaped settings, not square settings (when viewed from the side, the setting looks like a V)
-Side stones to be slightly tilted outwards, tucked in beside the centre diamond setting
-14ct or 18ct yellow gold to compliment the warm centre stone.
-A triangular band (a cross-section of the band looks like a triangle, but with softened edges) 
-The ring should overall highlight the diamonds. The base being a simple, elegant support
-A clear budget with no unexpected costs, very important!

You don't need to know all these details at the beginning, they just evolve organically through the design process. Also, you have to be willing to let go of some design features that may harm the overall balance and design of the ring, simplicity is key. 

We love a new challenge so if you would like to discuss any kind of custom-designed jewellery, just send us an email at to get the ball rolling.

Didn't turn out too badly at all!



Nice Day For A White Wedding by helen kane

...or a pink one, a green one, or even a polka dot one.

The thing about weddings is that they can all be a little bit the samey, leaving limited room for the imagination and truly personal style. 

Enter Frock Around The Clock Weddings,  a one-stop shop for those looking for alternatives to the traditional wedding.  Their online directory hosts a ton of ideas and links to local NI maker, designers and services that will help you to create your very own alternative, special wedding.

Okay, okay, we may be just a LITTLE biased as ISLE just happens to be one of those useful links :)

But you'll have to agree, from looking at their latest photo shoot using some ISLE jewellery, it isn't half bad! A mix of elegance, classic design with modern touches, and more than just a hint of the unique - it's exactly what we look for at ISLE.

ISLE will be taking part in the F.A.T.C. Winter Wedding Fair at the Europa Hotel on the 2nd November 2014. Pop by and say hello!