2 heads are better than 1 by geraldine kane

H sent me this pin (below) the other day with the caption "We need this!". Unfortunately, the reality is that we don't quite need it...yet. If we did currently have these tandem tables, there would be a gap of 9,445km between them. 

So for now, we are working through a virtual tandem desk, using every app under the internet's sun. Yeah, the time delay is a big issue - it takes a long time for the disapproving frown to reach me and for me to react to her feedback- but it still works. 

However, that little image of an office for two made me think about how efficient and productive we'd be without the dividing distance of space and time to contend with. Undoubtedly, there'd be disagreements and huffy faces now and then, along with excessive tea breaks (and coconut fingers, apple turnovers, snowballs, fifteens...). But I'm pretty confident that, in between these setbacks, we'd get a whole lot of stuff done!!!

We'll get there someday, but in the meantime, I'm on Pinterest dreaming of office interior design and stationery (and scones, caramel squares, oatmeal biccies...).

Instant feedback apparatus: an office built for two...or more??

The office-of-my-pins has to have some serious daylight, preferably in the form of large old elegant windows. I'm constantly struggling with a lack of adequate lighting in photos so it's a must. Next, it has to have space, space just for the sake of space. 4 years in the exciting nonstop megacity of Tokyo has left me starved of meters squared and gasping for air.  It wouldn't hurt to have a beautifully tiled floor or some reclaimed parquet either :)

Of course, we would require some of the ISLE yellowy-gold, silvery-grey and powdery-pink too. Ferm Living would surely help us out on that front and Ikea always offers a leg up when building a space to call your own. I'd want a mix of old and new, of clean cut and decorative, textured and sleek. I firmly believe that contrast is the key to happiness. 

A few statement office accessories, a kettle, a sewing machine and a jeweller's bench and we're good to go!

I suppose I should really consult H about our ISLE HQ, but for now, there's no harm in dreaming.