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SORA Vibes by geraldine kane


Here's a little visual introduction to the ideas and inspiration behind the new Sora collection. We wanted Sora, 空 meaning Sky in Japanese, to be a modern, fine jewellery response to the romantic idea of the night sky. The designs have been honed and simplified in order to create fresh and modern jewellery that can be worn with anything, for a very long time.  The classic black and gold colour pallete is made up of 9ct yellow gold and conflict-free black diamonds, giving a dark sparkle and sophisticated edge to simple forms.

Any of the pieces in the Sora collection could be worn with a crisp white shirt, a casual t-shirt or a floral summer dress - and that versatility was the main motivation behind creating this collection of Modern Romantic investment pieces.


We hope you like them!


New Outlet ! by geraldine kane

ISLE is now available at Painted Earth in the lovely seaside town of Newcastle, County Down!

Go for a stroll and a poke [that's an ice-cream cone BTW] along the promenade before popping in to see our jewellery and the friendly shop owners!! How about that for a lovely afternoon?!



Welcome to our conversation! by geraldine kane

So, we are two sisters who have long been interested in all forms of Art and Design. One living in Tokyo and the other living in Belfast.

I'm Ger, founder of ISLE Jewellery, designer, painter, teacher, avid Pinner and tentative blogger. I'm the Tokyo-based sister. 

Soon to follow is Helen,  a talented crafter, fruit-and-veg-lover and bossy little task master! My little big sister keeps me artistically focused (I have a tendency to jump from idea to idea that I'm trying to rein in) and ensures I keep my standards high. Her scrunched-up-face-of-disapproval has been pushing me to push and refine my design work since my degree in Jewellery Design right up to now. Helen is helping to take care of ISLE HQ in Ireland, working with Irish craftspeople to ensure ISLE Jewellery is up to scratch (hopefully not employing the scrunched-up-face-of-disapproval too much!). 

Over the years we have been sending a constant stream of images, links and ideas to each other. We thought it might be nice to share these little gems we stumble upon with other people who might appreciate them too. Hopefully that's you! 

So, instead of using Line, Pinterest and other interactive channels to conduct our creative conversations, we're going to use this blog.

We'll just chat among ourselves, but feel free to drop us a line and join the conversation!