Nice Day For A White Wedding by helen kane

...or a pink one, a green one, or even a polka dot one.

The thing about weddings is that they can all be a little bit the samey, leaving limited room for the imagination and truly personal style. 

Enter Frock Around The Clock Weddings,  a one-stop shop for those looking for alternatives to the traditional wedding.  Their online directory hosts a ton of ideas and links to local NI maker, designers and services that will help you to create your very own alternative, special wedding.

Okay, okay, we may be just a LITTLE biased as ISLE just happens to be one of those useful links :)

But you'll have to agree, from looking at their latest photo shoot using some ISLE jewellery, it isn't half bad! A mix of elegance, classic design with modern touches, and more than just a hint of the unique - it's exactly what we look for at ISLE.

ISLE will be taking part in the F.A.T.C. Winter Wedding Fair at the Europa Hotel on the 2nd November 2014. Pop by and say hello!


Bad bloggers. Good distractions by geraldine kane

Oh, we've been terrible recently! There's barely been a peep out of us for the past few weeks. The reason for this neglect is that we've been juggling a lot of new projects and ideas. I know, I know, we are supposed to be discussing such ideas on this blog but I blame Pinterest and their new IM function! Easy pinning and chatting in one little box in the corner of your screen :/ 

Okay, so I've closed that window of communication and you have my full attention now. 

Here's a little run down of what we're doing:

ISLE Bridal - Well, with all the love in the air and questions being popped all over the show (see previous post!), we felt that it was time to create some special ISLE jewellery for that special moment, big day and years to follow.

ISLE@ Frock Around the Clock Winter Wedding Show - In light of our developing Bridal range we decided to take part in the Winter Wedding show at the Europa, Belfast on 2nd November this year.  See you there?

ISLE Flora Collection -  We've been getting back in touch with nature recently for our NEW collection. Living in the huge grey smoke of Tokyo has made me, especially, crave the simple forms mother nature has to offer. Just hold on a little longer and all will be revealed.

Okay, that's all I'm telling you for now, but there'll be more...soon!