Malaysia Part 2 [ b o r n e o ] / by geraldine kane

Welcome to the second part of our Malaysia trip. It turns out I had taken far too many photos of monkeys so found it very difficult to choose. I've shown a lot of restraint in this post! 

 Just a short flight from KL (Kuala Lumpur) and you can find yourself in Malaysian Borneo, full of lush jungle and tropical wildlife. We flew over the peaks of Mount Kinabalu as it poked through the clouds.

We spent a few days on a tiny island just off KK  (Kota Kinabalu) called Manukan Island. I'll not rub it in too much but there was beautiful sand, sea, scuba-diving and a very lucky upgrade to a two-story beach house. Oh, and the odd G&T while watching sunset from the rocky edge of the island. 

After reluctantly leaving the island, we took another short flight to the northeast of Borneo island to Sandakan. From there we went to Sepilok, an area famous for its orangutan sanctuary. It's a rehabilitation centre for orangutans that have been orphaned. They help prepare the orphaned orangutans for life in the wild, supplementing their diet with scheduled feeding times. The orangutans return to the feeding area twice a day for the fruit the centre provides, this is when visitors get the chance to see them from a safe distance. 

We also had the chance to see Silver Leaf monkeys (above) and the interesting Proboscis monkeys (below). We could watch them feed, play, nitpick and we even saw a couple of battles for territory between the male Proboscis monkeys. 

I hope you enjoyed my attempt at wildlife photography! I'm not used to dealing with such animate and unpredictable subjects :P

That wraps up our trip to Malaysia, I really recommend it if you like a holiday with plenty of variety in terms of food, culture, city and wildlife.

If you missed Part 1 about Kuala Lumpur, it's here.  


Thanks for reading!